Stacking Lego Freebies!

Right now is one of those magical times at that at $50 you get a free LEGO Chima set, and VIP (Free to sign up) members get a free collector spaceman set at $100. 2 free sets, the only way you get ‘discounts’ when you buy direct these days. Time to cash in those VIP points… There’s only a couple of days of overlap on this promo, so get shopping.

After-market price on 30265 Worriz’ Fire Bike polybag is ~$5

And 5002812 Classic Spaceman Minifigure will come in around $20

This guy does a good job at a relatively quick unboxing, but should sharpen his knife so he doesn’t get hurt in the future. ;-)


Look Kids Big Ben, Parliment

Lego Big Ben

Most recent to Lego’s Architecture series rings a bell with me in several ways lately. As we drove through a roundabout several times just yesterday trying to find a park I recited our favorite line from European Vacation, despite our 3291 mile distance from Big Ben and Parliament.

You can read the press release for details. The summary is it looks like it will be ~$30 US which keeps in tradition with high cost for small parts but a very nice presentation for a true collector.

New Super Heros Sets Available

Excited about the new Marvel Super Hero sets? I am.

Want to get all the minifigures? Lego hopes so.

A lot of the sets (3 out of 5) are under $20 a whack, making it ok to pick them off over a short period of time. If you want to get them all though, and be efficient, you might want to look at this little chart to help you buy as few sets as possible. Is that possible? Lets see… (btw, click on the images to go right to

Set Price Captain America Iron Man Thor Black Widow Hulk Hawkeye Wolverine General Foot Soldier Loki Deadpool Magneto
6865 12.99 x x x
6866 19.99             x       x x
6867 19.99   x       x       x    
6868 49.99     x   x x       x    
6869 69.99   x x x         x x    
  • Hulk only appears in 6868 but you also get Hawkeye, Thor and Loki.
  • Black Widow only apears in 6869 which again you get Thor and Loki as well as Iron Man and Foot Soldier.
  • Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto only come in 6866.
  • Captain America only comes in 6865

SO The only set you can skip is 6867 Leaving you to buy 6869, 6868, 6866 and 6865 all for ~$153. You’ll wind up with one extra foot soldier and an extra Loki and Thor, which you can feel free to send my way.

Happy shopping!

When SciFi collides


I’ve been subscribing to the Lego Master Builder Academy for a while now. It’s the replacement to the bi-monthly unrelated Lego sets. What’s nice is it means I have a tidy little box of Lego meant for building on a small to micro scale. I keep it beside the couch and on occasion actually get the chance to doodle. This, is one of those.

I’m not sure how it happened, but subconsciously I almost always default to building space ships. I guess because there’s nothing saying how they should look. Except of course, when you get wondering what would happen to the manufacturers of Star Destroyers and Alliance ships if their respective oppressive backers were to topple. Lets face it, lots of good people can get involved with companies that may make something less than pure. Hey, they have mouths to feed t home. This welding job came up. They got the job and they build ships.

So what happens when the Rebels or Brown Coats topple their oppressors? Notice how I refrained from calling these groups what they are? Like Terrorists? These people, going about their business, building ships are out of work. Or are they? That’s the idea behind this interstellar Apartment/Condo building that lacks a name. It’s as if some junkers took a Star Destroyer and a Tohku-Class Cruiser, washed off the blood of the oppressed and turned it in to luxury living.

DSC_6388 DSC_6389 DSC_6391 DSC_6392

Breaking free of aerodynamics (space i a vacuum, remember) you can basically build any shape you want. With a towering living quarters and additional decks scattered around the ship there is ample space for residents and crew. Accessed via the front deck so the bridge can also act as tower control, a docking bay allows for residents to make on world visits as they travel through space.

I have no idea if this thing can travel through hyperspace, or create trans-dimensional worm holes to quickly navigate the far reaches of space. I didn’t think it through that hard. ;-)

Anyway, it was a fun little MOC to build while watching the incredibly dumb antics of Storage Wars. So there’s that. Enjoy!

Pre-order Lego Starwars 2012 sets

Amazon has some pretty awesome looking Lego Star Wars sets available for pre-order.

LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid B 9488 $12.99

LEGO Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper 9489 $12.99

LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape 9490 $19.99

LEGO Star Wars Geonosian Cannon 9491 $19.99

LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter 9492 $54.99

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 9493 $59.99

LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter and Naboo 9674 $9.99

LEGO Star Wars Sebulba’s Podracer and Tatooine 9675 $9.99

LEGO Star Wars Tie Interceptor and Death Star 9676 $9.99

7567 Travler


hobbiesI’m fond of 7567 Traveler, if for no other reason, the camera. Photography seems to be the only common point in my hobbies. As I’ve taken photos of any of the other of the things I do, but rarely build a Lego bird for instance.



DSC_6255So this little set, with a person wearing a classic space jacket and carrying a camera presumably through a terminal of some sort makes me smile every time I see it. Much like 5610 Builder, I’ve been sitting on this set for a while. So much so, that it is no longer available on but you can still find it on Amazon or Bricklink. It originally sold for $3.49 (us), so you can expect to find it in that neighborhood. There’s not a lot to the set. A little cart in which you can put two briefcases that open and a terminal sign accompany the traveler.


The other fun and geeky thing about this set is that it comes all in one bag. Which means you can build it all in the bag. Which, I guess some of the kids are in to doing these days. ;-) There’s not much else to say, so I’ll let the photos speak the rest of the words.

DSC_6210 DSC_6209 DSC_6217



7050 Alien Defender


When I first got this set, I only purchased it for the figures. This is one of those sets I bought last winter, harvested the figures out and put the box up stairs and forgot about it. In a recent cleaning of my Lego room, AKA Manland. I discovered a small stash of small sets I had either not opened, harvested the figures out of, or opened and never got to do anything with it. This is the story of one of those sets.

I found 7050 Alien Defender sitting neglected, partially opened and decided I should put it together and see what the intended set was like before integrating the parts in to my collection. I was pleasantly surprised at how neat the little buggy was.

DSC_6233 DSC_6234

There’s not a high piece count really, but there’s a lot going on with it. There’s a vast array of electronics to keep track of, depicted by decals. The vehicle is a mobile weapons system comprised of 2 flick-fire missiles, and two turret mounted handguns with flare. The overall shape gives the impression that, if this were real, it would be relatively fast.

DSC_6229The alien ship included though, is a little more disappointing. In what looks like not much more than a sit-down hover board, this alien pilot comes to attack with a little ray-gun. Maybe we’re to assume the 2 trans-green 1×1 cones are laser output as well? I can overlook this, as without this ship you wouldn’t have the ability to play out a little battle unless you had purchased another set. Besides, the alien ships in other sets are all much better.

DSC_6230As I said, I originally purchased this for the figures, and mainly the alien at that. I’m always happy to see new and interesting types of minifigures to add to the collection. The alien does not disappoint, despite it’s similarities with what might happen if a pug, bull dog, and alien DNA were to mix. The Alien lacks any paint on the back of the torso, but has an interesting design on it’s head.


Meanwhile, the human member of ADU has painting back and front on both torso and head. Which means you can depict smiling confidence, or that face that tells everyone around it to run. The helmet, coming from the mold for the Collectible Minifigure Series 1 Spaceman is a nice touch. It means you could begin building out different divisions within your Earth Defense lineup. Or you could mix and match helmets from that and the Series 3 Space Villain to signify various specialties or rank.


Box art remains a sore spot in my mind. With two depictions of the main model engaged in various battles, it lacks the alternate models sets of my childhood had and clearly indicates the only way to play with  7050 Alien Defender is through engaging in death and destruction. Mind you, that’s how I’d play with it anyway, but, you know…

Overall the set weighs in at 105 pieces, which are used very well in the defense buggy. At an MSRP of $9.99 (us) it has a decent 9.5 cent per piece rating. If you were to extend a guess, I’d clearly recommend buying the set, as you can tell, I already have. If you’re just looking for minifigures from the series, I’ll share the best priced set for starting your army in the next review of the Alien Conquest line.


Lego Year End Sales 2011

Huge Year end Sales over at Plus free lego with orders over $75!

FREE LEGO Ninjago Booster Pack with any LEGO Shop Purchase of $75 or more. Valid 12.26.11 - 1.31.12

The discounts on sets are as follows. There’s too many to link to individually. But if you follow: Save up to 50%. See what’s on sale! You should be taken directly to the Sales & Deals area, and doing so thanks me too! Enjoy!

LEGO Shop Year End Sale 2011
Product #
Product Name
US Discount
Magma Monster
Woody’s Roundup!
Trash Compactor Escape
Garbage Truck
Pizza Planet Car
Starwars Advent calendar
Advent Calendar
Obi Wan’s Jedi Starfighter™
Race Truck
Bounty Hunter Air Taxi
Nuckal’s ATV
3850 Meteor Strike V92
Fan Choice Public Transport
5795 Big City Hospital V39
5839 World Grand Prix V39
Horse Stable
The Great Train Chase
Skeleton Bowling
Republic Swamp Speeder
Atlantis Treasure V92
Tank truck
Horse Jumping
8423 World Grand Prix Racing Rivalry V39
Repair Truck
Playful Puppy
Storming Enforcer
Dragon Dueler
Sting Striker
3852 Sunblock V140
Natalie Breez
At At Walker
Scorpion Pyramid
The Battle of Endor™
Mobile Crane
Portal of Atlantis
Off-Road Power
7066 Earth Defence HQ V39
Hogwart’s Express
Western Train Chase
Garmadon’s Dark Fortress
7189 Mill Village Raid V39
7985 City of Atlantis V39
Container Truck
Big Bentley Bust Out
Winter Village Post Office
The Burrows
Stone Quarry
Sonic Boom
City Corner
Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle
Lamborghini Policia
Blizzard’s Peak
Holiday Bakery
Spinjitzu Dojo
Ninjago Battle Arena
X-wing Starfighter™
Fire Boat
Rise of the Sphinx
Prison Tower Rescue
Atlantis Exploration HQ
Spy Jet Escape
Ultimate LEGO® Vehicle Building Set
Good Neighbours at Bikini Bottom
4643 Power Boat Transporter V39

10222 Winter Village Post Office


Early Christmas has been kind to me once again. This year sees another installment in the winter village series. It seems Lego has caught on that people want to make villages for the holidays out of their bricks, and have started producing a series of sets with town buildings caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

DSC_5851This year’s Winter Village Post Office is a nice addition to the collection. True to form, it comes with a semi-detailed interior which you can light up with the included light brick. The roof comes decorated with snow and you get two postal workers. I get a kick out of the option of turning the woman’s head between a smiling face and a scowling one. I chose the scowl, since this reminds me most of the Durham post office. (Even though it’s not my hometown, it’s the one I’m likely to use if I need to mail something at lunch.)


DSC_5863Of all the elements of the set, I’m drawn most to the mail truck that the two workers can use to deliver packages to the towns folk. It reminds me a lot of the mail truck found in Santa Claus is Coming to Town, though it lacks the tracks and skids. Just the same it’s a neat little jalopy that carries a few packages, and some snow shoes in the event the truck gets stuck in the snow. Although, these days, I’d expect if the postal service got stuck in the snow, they’d just head home.


DSC_5856The set also features a gazebo with two musicians playing a tune for all to hear. One carries a banjo and the other, a brick built brass instrument I believe is a saxophone. I found this to be the most challenging piece to build as the ’round’ construction and 4 posts made it interesting to line up where the roof would connect. I’m still not entirely sure I built it correctly, but it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

DSC_5862The set also comes with a few trees and and a bench for folks to sit down on and take in the activities of the town. Lego included plenty of little white 1×1 round tiles to use in an epic snowball fight. Really the set has plenty of playability and makes a fine addition to the Bakery and Toy Shop released in years past. The set comes in with 7 minifigures and a dog. The new dog at that, with the painted and sculpted face. Only one head comes with two expressions. The female postal worker, which I recognize the face from last year’s Kingdom’s Advent calendar queen. Two torsos come with painting on the back and some don’t have any at all, which I found a bit interesting.



Overall it’s a pretty good set. I’m guessing that if I had not had the ‘help’ of our 17 month old toddler, who insisted that things like the railing from her Duplo Zoo must absolutely fit on the post office mid build, the set would take an hour or two at most to build.

DSC_5821The set is definitely targeting a bit of an older audience as it returns to basics with 8 unnumbered bags. Some of which, contained smaller bags of bricks in them. That being said though, a sure sign of a quicker build was the single manual, thankfully packed with cardboard to protect it. Thank you again Lego. This is the one instance I’m all for a little more packaging, as manuals were shipping mangled or destroyed all together as box sizes got smaller. At an MSRP of $69.99(us) the price seems a little high, but after building the set it seems reasonable. I just hope in the future, Lego keeps the price point around $50-60 or this serialized village may come to an end of collecting for me.

Buying the set from Amazon will help me keep these reviews coming or pay for hosting. Thanks for your support!