Minifigure Series 7 – Availability


If you live in the US, you can preorder Series 7 minifigures from Entertainment Earth in 3 different ways.

I also found the first box I’ve seen in the wild at my local Toys R Us. According to the cashier they had gone out that morning. Someone had clearly been there before doing the old feel up, as many were out on the shelf with a few remaining in the box. What’s great, in my mind, is there’s no real filler figure in this series. I AM FED UP WITH SKATEBOARDS. Enough Lego. No more skateboards. </end rant>

In fact, there seems to be several army building worth minifigures in this release. It might be time to pack away the pennies to save for a display box, as I’m sure that the army building figures will be heavily marked up on Bricklink.

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