7567 Travler


hobbiesI’m fond of 7567 Traveler, if for no other reason, the camera. Photography seems to be the only common point in my hobbies. As I’ve taken photos of any of the other of the things I do, but rarely build a Lego bird for instance.



DSC_6255So this little set, with a person wearing a classic space jacket and carrying a camera presumably through a terminal of some sort makes me smile every time I see it. Much like 5610 Builder, I’ve been sitting on this set for a while. So much so, that it is no longer available on shop.lego.com but you can still find it on Amazon or Bricklink. It originally sold for $3.49 (us), so you can expect to find it in that neighborhood. There’s not a lot to the set. A little cart in which you can put two briefcases that open and a terminal sign accompany the traveler.


The other fun and geeky thing about this set is that it comes all in one bag. Which means you can build it all in the bag. Which, I guess some of the kids are in to doing these days. ;-) There’s not much else to say, so I’ll let the photos speak the rest of the words.

DSC_6210 DSC_6209 DSC_6217



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