7325 Cursed Cobra Statue

7325 Cursed Cobra Statue is your only chance in 6 sets ad 13 minifigures to pick up a female adventurer in the entire Pharaoh’s Quest line. I find it odd that this is the case, but it is. Of course you also get a minifig clearly ready for battle with an amo belt and the same scared head as in 7307 Flying Mummy Attack. You also get the same mummy body and head as the other sets but in this instance you get a tan headdress with snake pattern.

The backs of the new torsos are also pained. A nice touch TLG.

The set itself comes with a red vehicle. With the steering wheel in the instructions going in on the wrong side, you hear me Jeremy Clarkson? It once again indicates the human grave robbers are Brits. I have, in assembly, fixed the situation by installing it on the correct side. ;-)

With the application of a few stickers, you get a license plate and rope detail to dress it up. This is nice because the body of the car uses the same molded part we’ve seen in other adventure themed series, but of course is in a nice red.

Maybe the most impressive piece is the living giant cobra statue protecting a golden scarab shield on a small tower.

The cobra, decorated in gold and blue with a giant plastic piece to make up the characteristic cobra look is impressive for sure. Using ball joints, it’s well articulated, and features the only piece in the set to have been painted, rather than rely on a decal.

Overall the set, when I viewed it online was my least favorite, which now has changed. I have yet to find a set I dislike in the series. The one thing that bothers me, is I had enough extra pieces that I have this odd feeling I missed something…

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