Visual Essay of Building The Kraken!

In my usual morning journey of the tubes, I found this interesting visual essay of building the Kraken with Lego throughout the years. I strongly encourage you to go give it a read, even if ships and pirates are not your theme. It’s an effective, quick discussion of how brick builders have worked around trying to represent the kraken through the years, and how as new parts are introduced to the Lego catalog, it evolves.

I think part of why I like the essay, is it’s historical value of Lego. Probably much to my wife’s dismay, I don’t throw out much from Lego. I do end up recycling the boxes, we just don’t have room to keep them. I do however keep at least one copy of every Lego Club magazine, or Shop at Home catalog that comes in to the house. I find more value in these catalogs, then keeping a box.

What I enjoy, is going back through some of these and remembering what sets have been. I enjoy being reminded of sets that I thought were cool in the day. Equally, it’s a good reminder to myself that if I didn’t like a set in the day, I may now respect it for how I build now. Almost like breaking down the early prejudices of Lego sets. Like, the only way for a long time to get a purple light saber piece was to buy a Belville “Interior Designer” set (5943-1), a set I would have never bought, until I needed to make a custom Mace Windu

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