Regarding Idiocy

People have a feeling of entitlement these days… I don’t get it. Case in point. Today I arrived at work and parked my car sometime around 7:30. I scored the super-star spot in Snively, we all know the type, where you can be guaranteed you will be able to get back in your car at the end of the day because no one can park on the driver’s side. When I parked in that spot, there was a car 2 spots to the right of me, and nothing in front of the car for several spaces. I did not count, I was still drinking my coffee. Some time around 8, a coworker came in and told me I needed to check my car, someone had parked and most likely damaged it. I couldn’t get out to the lot until lunch because of meetings. When I arrived, I found the following.

Now mind you, she (yes, I have seen the driver of this car many a morning as we typically arive around the same time of day) pulled into the spot some time AFTER I had already parked. Granted, my front bumper is in line with the white line, but like tennis, the line is in. I suspect this person would rear end someone and blame the person she hit. Just going out on a limb here. Either way, it’s another one of those instances where the checks and balances fall back to the world is full of idiots. Sorry society you just lost a point from the NOT IDIOTS column.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos, also notice the way in which the car is parked in the spot, all the way to the right. I returned the note, asking the person not to park in spots in the future they feel they can not park in, they could potentially damage a colleague’s car. No need to call the police, there was no damage done to my car. I did pull my car back in the likely event that this car should leave before me for fear of my bumper, license plate and anything else the person might rip from my car when they back out, of course, all my fault.

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6 thoughts on “Regarding Idiocy

  1. Well, maybe she could call you and let you know where and when she’s going to park ahead of time. That way you could plan accordingly and not cramp her multiple-parking-spot parking plan.

  2. It doesn’t take all kinds, we just have all kinds…

    To say the woman was an idiot was giving her credit. I think I’d want to hide out & wait for her to come back. Have the car horn set to the Hella Triple Air Horn mode, and when she started backing out, trigger the panic alarm for the Triple… That would learn her… :)

  3. I think I’d be tempted to come in the next day and park even FURTHER into that spot. But then, I’m kind of a dick like that…

  4. All good ideas! Lord knows I briefly, and quickly thought of oh so many things I could do to get ‘even’ ranging in installing spikes on my front bumper, to other things I won’t record for the public to take note of. After all, remember how I deal with raccoons… When I came out at the end of the work day, the car was indeed gone, and no last rebuttal left in passive aggressive nature on my window. I think from now on, I will take note of this car’s wanderings in the lot. I also thought about getting boat fenders to throw in front of my car when I park. How funny would that be? Anyone wanting to donate some for the cause, contact me privately… I’ll post the photos.

    Majority opinion goes something like this:

    I was in ‘her spot,’ she was running late and refused to park elsewhere. She hit my car, either to prove a point, or hit it by accident and was so mad she had, that she refused to accept it was her fault and had to blame someone. My guess was to prove a point, given the angle of the front wheels, clearly bringing her car in to mine.

    Hey whatever, my car didn’t suffer any damage, and well, it’s seen worse. The boys in 16 York Village know what I put my cars through.

  5. Definitely an idiot.

    But what else do you expect of an ELATED Chrysler LeBaron (f**king lame car!) driving Steelers fan with a shitty vanity plate?

    Got an idea: get those bumper magnets and attach a few every couple of days. Patriots, U of Maine, Ford, whatever floats your boat. ;) Her panties will be in a bunch before she realizes it comes right off.

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