3rd graders plot murder…


SOmething like this scares the hell out of me… My wife is wrapping up a masters in education, and I have friends that are teachers. I mean really, who would have thought that 3RD GRADERS would actually plot to kill their teacher. A 9 year old ring leader? Read that again, out loud if it didin’t hit you…

A 9 year old ring leader.

Got it? K. Here’s the story. God help us.

From: http://abcnews.go.com/WN/story?id=4576676&page=1

What drives children to dream up especially violent acts? A disturbing case from Georgia involves third graders who allegedly plotted to harm or even kill their schoolteacher. The case raises questions about school violence and what to do when students make threats or plot an attack.
Disturbing case from Georgia raises new questions about school violence.

What drives children to plot murder? How should they be punished? What are the warning signs of a child plotting a violent crime?

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