Hazza for the return of Classic Castle!

It looks like Lego has finally gotten back to a more classic style castle theme. This is good news for those of us that have been collecting Lego for a long time. This
new issue of classic mold parts means that army building can continue without resorting to buying higher priced used lego.

As you can see, the molds are back to a traditional style. The only draw back is the switch to a ‘shiny’ plastic for the helms, and weapons are now of the new bley (blue-gray) that all Light gray pieces from Lego are now colored. To me, this isn’t such a big deal. With a little mixing up of new figures and old armor and vice versa, it could actually give a more realistic look to your army. Interestingly enough the patterns on the new knights are also similar to the Viking series. Which means in a pinch you could mix and match some bodies, or have Vikings v.s. knights.

This also marks the return of the maiden. Something that has been missing from sets of this style theme. Unless I missed something, the last few versions of Lego Castle theme lacked a female of any kind. No worries for those seeking equal rights, you can spin the head around to reveal a less frightened look while she mills about the castle.

It also looks like the return to dragons that look like dragons. Don’t get me wrong, I love the red dragon in the viking sets, but the majority of them look a little too Bionicle for me, and he larger ones lack the ability to hold their head or wings up. These new dragons are just right, both size and mix of molded parts.

We also have a few new additions, which intrigue me. The skeleton horse. Both in white and black (the same is true for the skeletons that ride them) they make a neat addition to the theme. Although, I’m a bit confused, as I thought bones were white. . .

Let the army building continue, and the epic battles return!

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