Mommy, my mouth tastes like burning rubber

Collateral damage is a U.S. Military term for unintended or incidental damage during a military operation. The term started as a euphemism during the Vietnam War, and can refer to friendly fire or the destruction of civilians and their property. (

When I awoke sometime near 12:30 am this morning, I was startled awake by what seemed to be a burning rubber smell. A smell so strong that I could taste it, and in part, made me sick to my stomach. I immediately got up and began looking around the house out of concern for what might be going wrong.. As I wandered around the house, checking appliances, our primary heat source, and of course the garage I noted that the odor was not just that of burning rubber, but it had overtones of toasted sesame, and onion that had been left out all day. It’s at this time that I realized the only reason that this smell could be lingering in the air. We had sustained collateral damage in our war on the raccoons. I went over to the computer and sure enough, the video, that I share with you, explains it all.

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3 thoughts on “Mommy, my mouth tastes like burning rubber

  1. Again, Mike has me spraying coffee all over my keyboard! Well, in any war there are bound to be some innocent victims. Great video Mike!

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  3. Now, do you think the raccoons paid off the skunk to do their dirty work? I saw “The Great Outdoors” those are pretty smart creatures.

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