Stacking Lego Freebies!

Right now is one of those magical times at that at $50 you get a free LEGO Chima set, and VIP (Free to sign up) members get a free collector spaceman set at $100. 2 free sets, the only way you get ‘discounts’ when you buy direct these days. Time to cash in those VIP points… There’s only a couple of days of overlap on this promo, so get shopping.

After-market price on 30265 Worriz’ Fire Bike polybag is ~$5

And 5002812 Classic Spaceman Minifigure will come in around $20

This guy does a good job at a relatively quick unboxing, but should sharpen his knife so he doesn’t get hurt in the future. ;-)


Minifigure Series 7 – Availability


If you live in the US, you can preorder Series 7 minifigures from Entertainment Earth in 3 different ways.

I also found the first box I’ve seen in the wild at my local Toys R Us. According to the cashier they had gone out that morning. Someone had clearly been there before doing the old feel up, as many were out on the shelf with a few remaining in the box. What’s great, in my mind, is there’s no real filler figure in this series. I AM FED UP WITH SKATEBOARDS. Enough Lego. No more skateboards. </end rant>

In fact, there seems to be several army building worth minifigures in this release. It might be time to pack away the pennies to save for a display box, as I’m sure that the army building figures will be heavily marked up on Bricklink.

Look Kids Big Ben, Parliment

Lego Big Ben

Most recent to Lego’s Architecture series rings a bell with me in several ways lately. As we drove through a roundabout several times just yesterday trying to find a park I recited our favorite line from European Vacation, despite our 3291 mile distance from Big Ben and Parliament.

You can read the press release for details. The summary is it looks like it will be ~$30 US which keeps in tradition with high cost for small parts but a very nice presentation for a true collector.

New Super Heros Sets Available

Excited about the new Marvel Super Hero sets? I am.

Want to get all the minifigures? Lego hopes so.

A lot of the sets (3 out of 5) are under $20 a whack, making it ok to pick them off over a short period of time. If you want to get them all though, and be efficient, you might want to look at this little chart to help you buy as few sets as possible. Is that possible? Lets see… (btw, click on the images to go right to

Set Price Captain America Iron Man Thor Black Widow Hulk Hawkeye Wolverine General Foot Soldier Loki Deadpool Magneto
6865 12.99 x x x
6866 19.99             x       x x
6867 19.99   x       x       x    
6868 49.99     x   x x       x    
6869 69.99   x x x         x x    
  • Hulk only appears in 6868 but you also get Hawkeye, Thor and Loki.
  • Black Widow only apears in 6869 which again you get Thor and Loki as well as Iron Man and Foot Soldier.
  • Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto only come in 6866.
  • Captain America only comes in 6865

SO The only set you can skip is 6867 Leaving you to buy 6869, 6868, 6866 and 6865 all for ~$153. You’ll wind up with one extra foot soldier and an extra Loki and Thor, which you can feel free to send my way.

Happy shopping!

When SciFi collides


I’ve been subscribing to the Lego Master Builder Academy for a while now. It’s the replacement to the bi-monthly unrelated Lego sets. What’s nice is it means I have a tidy little box of Lego meant for building on a small to micro scale. I keep it beside the couch and on occasion actually get the chance to doodle. This, is one of those.

I’m not sure how it happened, but subconsciously I almost always default to building space ships. I guess because there’s nothing saying how they should look. Except of course, when you get wondering what would happen to the manufacturers of Star Destroyers and Alliance ships if their respective oppressive backers were to topple. Lets face it, lots of good people can get involved with companies that may make something less than pure. Hey, they have mouths to feed t home. This welding job came up. They got the job and they build ships.

So what happens when the Rebels or Brown Coats topple their oppressors? Notice how I refrained from calling these groups what they are? Like Terrorists? These people, going about their business, building ships are out of work. Or are they? That’s the idea behind this interstellar Apartment/Condo building that lacks a name. It’s as if some junkers took a Star Destroyer and a Tohku-Class Cruiser, washed off the blood of the oppressed and turned it in to luxury living.

DSC_6388 DSC_6389 DSC_6391 DSC_6392

Breaking free of aerodynamics (space i a vacuum, remember) you can basically build any shape you want. With a towering living quarters and additional decks scattered around the ship there is ample space for residents and crew. Accessed via the front deck so the bridge can also act as tower control, a docking bay allows for residents to make on world visits as they travel through space.

I have no idea if this thing can travel through hyperspace, or create trans-dimensional worm holes to quickly navigate the far reaches of space. I didn’t think it through that hard. ;-)

Anyway, it was a fun little MOC to build while watching the incredibly dumb antics of Storage Wars. So there’s that. Enjoy!

Pre-order Lego Starwars 2012 sets

Amazon has some pretty awesome looking Lego Star Wars sets available for pre-order.

LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid B 9488 $12.99

LEGO Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper 9489 $12.99

LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape 9490 $19.99

LEGO Star Wars Geonosian Cannon 9491 $19.99

LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter 9492 $54.99

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 9493 $59.99

LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter and Naboo 9674 $9.99

LEGO Star Wars Sebulba’s Podracer and Tatooine 9675 $9.99

LEGO Star Wars Tie Interceptor and Death Star 9676 $9.99

4191 The Captain’s Cabin


4191 The Captain’s Cabinis one of the many current licensed sets available from Lego these days. Taking a slice of The Pirate’s of the Caribbean, this set delivers a small vignette of none other than the captain’s cabin. This set, being from a license theme and coming in at $11.99 (us) MSRP seems similar to the Mandalorian” Battle Pack and Clone Trooper” Battle Pack of the Star Wars line. It does have more pieces, but one less figure than those but comes in at $1 less. This is where it gets interesting.

DSC_6247This set is a treasure trove of unique little pieces. It includes a small older in styling globe perched on a brick built stand. I can see lots of uses for this little piece in various MOCs, from current day offices, to steampunk navigation systems and more. In addition, the set comes with a round 2×2 tile printed with a navigational chart. I’ve purchased two of these sets now, and each also seems to come with 2 printed 1×1 tiles representing Jack Sparrow’s trustDSC_6244y compass. As if that were not enough, on the rack in the background comes 2 bottles with a ship on each. All of those elements being printed and not the new norm of self-applied decals. Add in some pearl gold pieces and this set is chock-full of pieces useful in a number of various MOCs.

DSC_6248 DSC_6250

As mentioned, the set comes with 3 minifigures, Captain Jack Sparrow (in vest), and two zombies. Each of the figures has painting on the back of the torso and Cpt. Jack and the Zombie Yeoman each have a second face hidden by long hair pieces on the back of their heads.


When I purchased 4191 The Captain’s Cabin,it came with a free poster inside. The photo of the package on Lego’s site seems to indicate it likely still does. This poster, a card and instruction book come bundled and protected in plastic with a piece of corrugated cardboard to keep things flat. A nice touch, since in recent years, manuals have been damaged in shipping. The box art is pretty standard fair for Lego right now. Two big photos of the main set depicting battle and no alternative models. 4191 The Captain’s Cabinis still available through Lego’s online store as well as most big box stores. I’d highly recommend the set as it’s a good value, even at licensed set pricing.

DSC_6199 DSC_6200

7567 Travler


hobbiesI’m fond of 7567 Traveler, if for no other reason, the camera. Photography seems to be the only common point in my hobbies. As I’ve taken photos of any of the other of the things I do, but rarely build a Lego bird for instance.



DSC_6255So this little set, with a person wearing a classic space jacket and carrying a camera presumably through a terminal of some sort makes me smile every time I see it. Much like 5610 Builder, I’ve been sitting on this set for a while. So much so, that it is no longer available on but you can still find it on Amazon or Bricklink. It originally sold for $3.49 (us), so you can expect to find it in that neighborhood. There’s not a lot to the set. A little cart in which you can put two briefcases that open and a terminal sign accompany the traveler.


The other fun and geeky thing about this set is that it comes all in one bag. Which means you can build it all in the bag. Which, I guess some of the kids are in to doing these days. ;-) There’s not much else to say, so I’ll let the photos speak the rest of the words.

DSC_6210 DSC_6209 DSC_6217



5610 Builder


I’ve had this set for a while now. It’s not a big set. 18 pieces to be exact. I got it some time ago when I ordered other sets direct from Lego. It came, much to my surprise with a letter stuffed in the box about being a valued customer. Please have this free set, yadda, yadda. Now don’t get me wrong. Any free Lego is AWESOME Lego. Yes, even if someone were to hand me free Galidor, I’d enjoy it, because hey, it’s free!  Besides, if you can get past what all the ‘cool kids’ say, and use a little imagination, you can make cool things from anything. That’s the Lego way.

I suspect though, that they wanted to dump this set, and here’s why.


O.K. Kids, lets play what’s out of place here… It seems they may have forgotten to print the package with the “Choking Hazard” warning. You don’t usually see add on stickers to Lego’s packaging. Unless of course you remember the Admiral Akmar magnets…

Anyway, there’s not much to be said about the set. It’s a construction worker with a cement mixer. It fills up your city workers, but I’m not a fan of the mixer really. It doesn’t remind me at all of the one I used to have to use in real life working for my father. For one, where’s the rust, and this one has wheels! Who knew they came with wheels? My back sure didn’t.

DSC_6251 DSC_6252

The mixer itself spins and tilts side to side, but can’t pour out. The way in which it’s packaged prevents “Built in Bag” builds. The set originally sold for $3.49 (us). In all honesty, I did, and would give it a skip unless you are one to complete a series regardless of the set. Which if you are, you still can find it on Amazon or Bricklink.

DSC_6218 DSC_6212